The People behind GEOHUM


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Lang
University of Salzburg
Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS
Schillerstraße 30
5020 Salzburg
  +43 (0) 662 / 8044-7562

Senior Researcher

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barbara Schernthanner-Hofer
currently on maternity leave

Role in GEOHUM: PI of RA III Img2Info

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dirk Tiede
  +43 (0) 662 / 8044-7565

Role in GEOHUM: PI of RA I Img2Info

Dr. Lorenz Wendt
currently on parental leave
  +43 (0) 662 / 8044-7533

Role in GEOHUM: Co-lead of RA I Img2Info, lead of WP ‘Photogrammetry’ in RA I and WP ‘Demographic mapping’ in RA II ConSense

Dr. MSc. Zahra Dabiri
+43 (0) 662 / 8044-7571

Role in GEOHUM: support of management; leading WP ‘Radar analysis’ within RA I


Mag. Petra Füreder
+43 (0) 662 / 8044-7515

Role in GEOHUM: support of overall management, lead of WP ‘Geovisualisation and advanced cartography’ in RA III Info2Comm

Getachew Workineh Gella, MSc
+43(0)662 / 8044-7544

Role in GEOHUM: working on WP ‘Hybrid AI system’ within RA I (focus on grey data for object detection) and WP ‘Legal and ethical issues’ (geoprivacy aware communication of results and sharing of geospatial data) within RA III.

Sophia Klaußner, MSc

Role in GEOHUM: PhD student in RA II ConSense

Elena Nafieva, MSc

Role in GEOHUM: involved in RA I Img2Info, WP ‘Radar analysis’ (evaluation of Sentinel-1 data in the context of urban floods; SAR-based damage assessment after the earthquake in Turkey/Syria Feb 2023)

Kathrin Lunzner, MA, BA

Role in GEOHUM: currently writing Master thesis within RA I Img2Info (title ‘Testing preconditions for spatial transferability of deep learning models for dwelling extraction in refugee and IDP camps.’); also supports in dissemination

Polina Lemenkova, MSc

Role in GEOHUM: supports data management; writes her PhD related to environmental dynamics in Africa.

Barbara Riedler, MSc

Role in GEOHUM: research on geospatial data assimilation and the application of these methods in the field of settlement/urban structure and population estimation; geovisualisation and cartography

Interns and other temporary researchers


Mag. Petra Jenewein-Bogensperger
  +43 (0) 662 / 8044-7566

Former Team members

Yunya Gao, MSc

Role in GEOHUM: worked on Hybrid AI system within RA I, mainly focused on semantic segmentation models for dwelling extraction

Linda Petutschnig, MSc

Role in GEOHUM: Co-lead of RA II ConSense,  lead of the WPs 'Geospatial data assimilation toolbox' and 'Malaria mapping'

Dr. Andreas Braun

Role in GEOHUM: work package leader of Radar analysis within RA I until the end of 2021

Dr. Stefan Kienberger

Senior researcher

Role in GEOHUM: PI of RA II ConSense

B.S. Christina Zorenböhmer

Role in GEOHUM: wrote her master thesis in the context of GEOHUM investigating the implication of grey data on deep learning-based dwelling extraction.

MSc. Niklas Jaggy

Role in GEOHUM: worked on Radar analysis within RA I, where he also wrote his Master thesis 'Despeckling of SAR images for improving analysis results'

Andreas Schlagbauer, MSc
Role in GEOHUM: involved in RA II ConSense, WP 'Geospatial data assimilation toolbox' and 'Settlement / Urban structure analysis'

  • Martin Dautriche, BSc: worked on contrast learning for buildings
  • Lisah Ligono, BSc: CDG funded internship, worked on flood mapping
  • Vanessa Streifeneder
  • Niklas Jaggy
  • Ruhi Begum
  • Hannes Seigmann
  • Sofía Delgado Balaguera (CDG funded internship)